Pasoulas Rebuild features modern, upgraded and spacious facilities for the best possible customer service. We upgraded our premises, and we have the opportunity to serve and to reconstruct properly and responsibly at least five (5) transmissions (Gearbox) simultaneously as well as power steering racks.

The  300 m2 of our space provide the following facilities:

SHOWCASE It includes ready-made gearboxes for sale, accompanied by a written guarantee.

OFFICE & WAITING ROOM In this area customers remain until the repair of the gearbox executed. The place has free WiFi. In the office space all office work performed (accounting, orders, imports, transport) where stored valuable technical literature.

WAREHOUSE In this space are stored gearboxes by brand / type and the evaluation is taking place for repair or for becoming parts.

WORKSHOP In this space are the special tools, the dismantling stalls – assembly and automatic washing machine available for proper and thorough cleaning of gearboxes.

BEAD BLASTING ENGINE In our efforts to upgrade our services for the complete repair of the gearbox, we equipped with glass bead blasting machine. Unlike sandblasting which erodes the housings, bead blasting operation is a specific method for cleaning – pickling soft metals such as aluminum casings – carapace gearboxes. (An example of two same gearbox follows. The left purified by the glass bead blasting process).

With over 2,000 codes bearings, Transmission, seals, gears, shafts, coupler, synchronizers and special bench and measurement tools.