Following the up-to-date technology applied to Manual Transmission  – gearbox, we are monitoring developments closely, trying to harmonize with the new technology applied to them.

The next generation of manual transmission is the dual-clutch transmissions with electro-hydraulic control unit.

Almost all the car manufacturers are gradually abandoning the old-conventional automatic transmission with torque converter and they equip the new models with the new dual-clutch type.

Following developments

We attend seminars and we keep in touch with technicians and suppliers who specialize in these types of gearbox in other countries. We keep up with developments, we thoroughly study the subject, on a theoretical and practical basis. We have already done numerous of  repairs in the field with great success.

We always try to be a step forward, so that we can serve both the current and the future needs of the market. We have been equipped with the proper tools to replace the clutches of the particular gearboxes such as DSG, DCT, TCT, ECOSHIFT, DUONIC among many others by the same manufacturer (LUK).

Now we can confidently say that we follow the ongoing developments and we have already been in a new technology phase…


Our Dual-clutch Transmission Certification